How To Stop Impulse Buying

Shopping can, understandably, provide a thrill. There's something exciting about seeing something you enjoy and being able to purchase it. However, these "surprise" purchases have a tendency to derail budgets and become an unhealthy financial habit. 

How to Get Your Hands on Money Now

We get it - being broke sucks. It sucks even more when bills are due, fees are piling up, and you still have to eat. We’ve been there! 

We get it - being broke sucks. It sucks even more when bills are due, fees are piling up, and you still have to eat. We’ve been there! 

Thanks to the gig economy, it’s easier than ever to drum up extra money, even the same day or from home. And for that, we are grateful.

Because there are so many opportunities out there, we thought there should be one place where they’re all compiled and easily sort-able. That’s why we built our income helper tool.

Income Helper Top

Here’s how it works.

Thinkflow income helper tool

To get started, head over to the income helper page. On it, you’ll find all sorts of money-making opportunities, including side gigs, rentals, selling your items and more.

Under “Area of Interest,” select each category you’re interested in, and the tool will automatically filter those for you.

Each opportunity is sorted by category and has its own box. In each one, you’ll see details including:

  • Name of the business or where to find the opportunity
  • Brief description of how to get started
  • Any required skills

If you find something interesting, click “Read More” to get a popup box with information like:

  • How much (if anything) you’ll need to invest to get started
  • Company website
  • Anything else relevant to the opportunity

Income Helper Bottom

To see more details and to sign up, click through to the website linked in the popup box.

Make sure the job is right for you

Thinkflow organizes each money-making opportunity, and we only include companies known to be reputable and popular.

That said, each company may have their own additional requirements. For example, to drive for a ride-share company, you need to get a background check and secure special vehicle insurance. Or to sell products, you might have to purchase starter kits to get going.

These costs will vary with each company and may also be higher or lower depending where you live. So, while we do our best to give you relevant information, be sure to read all the fine print so you know how much effort and cash (if any) is required on your part.

Make the most by combining side gigs

The best side jobs are those that take advantage of your skill sets and natural aptitudes. For example, if you’re a great salesperson, you could consider some of the selling gigs. Or if you’re artsy, it might be easy for you to list your own designs and crafts for sale. The idea is to monetize things that already come easily for you.

And even better, you don’t have to stop with just one opportunity. You could write an article, take surveys and then babysit all in the same day to make extra cash. This way, you can see where you’re making the most money and then adjust your levels from there.

Or, you could fully commit to one side gig so that it becomes more than a side piece. You might find a particularly lucrative opportunity and decide to make it more full-time until you get the funds you require.

Bottom line

If you need money, like yesterday, head to our income helper tool to explore 90+ gigs and opportunities. Many of them pay right away and several are online.

Keep in mind, there may be additional requirements to get started, like a background check or onboarding process. And some of them make you invest a little upfront before you can start making money. Be sure to see exactly what’s required on each company’s website.

You can combine a few different jobs for the maximum amount of cash. The best ones are those that utilize your existing skills and interests.

Finally, if there’s a cool side hustle we missed, feel free to reach out to us and let us know so we can add it to our collection. Happy hustling out there!


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