6 Ways to Take Better Control of Your Money

We would all love to get better control of our money, reduce our outgoings and increase our income. Without a plan of action, it’s easy to lose focus and see your finances go out of control.

The Pros and Cons of Working for Favor Delivery

Are you in Texas and looking for a side hustle that'll help you to bring in a little extra cash?

Are you in Texas and looking for a side hustle that'll help you to bring in a little extra cash?

You may have recently stumbled upon Favor Delivery, which services 100+ cities across Texas (for now). How does Favor Delivery work, what's it actually like working this side hustle, and what kind of time commitment can you expect to deliver?

Before you invest your time into applying for the side hustle, it's important for you to understand everything that will be expected of you when you start. Here are the pros and cons of working for Favor Delivery.

How Does Favor Delivery Work?

Favor Delivery works by offering delivery on food and other “favors.” A Runner is the delivery person that delivers items. Some of these items include alcohol, groceries, cleaning supplies, clothing, dry cleaning, and more.

A shopper will place an order to restaurants and stores close to their home address. After an order is placed, one of the Runners will complete the delivery. During the shopping time, a Runner can text the customer to make any changes to their order.

What's It Like?

Many people talk about how the pay is good but that there can be wear-and-tear placed on a Runner's vehicle. 

Also, some Favor Delivery Runners have commented that some orders don't have enough information for the transaction to be completed, so they have to reach out to the customer.

All of this is to be expected when you’re working for a delivery service. Like any job, there are always going to be a few things to anticipate before you begin. 

Time Commitment Needed

Working for Favor Delivery allows you to set your schedule. This means you can work any time you want. Many Runners say they enjoy the ability to work on their set schedule.

The time commitment you need to devote to working for Favor Delivery will depend on how much money you're looking to make. The more money you want to make, the more hours you should expect to work.

Expected Earnings

You will get minimum pay for every hour you work, even if there aren't any deliveries that are going on during the time you’re scheduled. The base pay Favor Delivery offers is $9 per hour. This base pay kicks in when you earn less than $9 per hour, including the tips you're receiving.

You can even work outside of the time that you haven't scheduled yourself. However, during this time, you won't be guaranteed the $9 per hour base pay. 

And if you sign up to work, expect to be on call the entire time, as there isn’t a way to “clock out” once your shift begins. 

Understanding What It's Like Working for Favor Delivery

By having an understanding of what it is like working for Favor Delivery, you can find the perfect side hustle for your financial goals. Learning about how Favor Delivery operates will prepare you to succeed in working at this job.

Keep in mind, Favor is currently only operating in Texas cities. When you’re ready, you can sign up here.


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